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With a broad range of experience with many different vehicle manufactures such as Vauxhall, Mercedes, Ford, Renault, Citreon and Suburu, Gyle Service & MOT Centre (Edinburgh) is able to undertake servicing arrangements for vehicles even if they are within the original vehicle manufacturers warranty. We are able to do this thanks to Block Exemption Regulations.


Block Exemption Regulation

Prior to 2003, motorists were required to have their vehicle servicing and repairs carried out by the main dealer to avoid invalidating the vehicles warranty. Thanks to the EC Block Exemption Regulation 1400/2002 (October 2003) maintenance and servicing work no longer has to be done by the main dealer as long as the garage uses Original Equipment Parts and are recorded as such and also that the garage follows the service schedule laid down by the manufacturer.

This helps to promote free competition in aftermarket parts, repairs and servicing and benefits the motorist by reducing the overall cost - sometimes by as much as 50%.


Intermediate Servicing from £80.00

Price depends on Make, Model & Engine Size. Please contact branch for more information.


Gyle Service & MOT Centre carry out a 68 point Service as summarised below:

  • Oil & Filter Replaced - Using oil grades and types as recommended by the Manufacturer.
  • Engine and Exhaust System Check - Security, Leaks, Mountings.
  • Transmission Check - Flanges, Housings, Couplings and Shafts.
  • Cooling System Check - Antifreeze Levels, Radiators, Hoses and Cooling Fans.
  • Suspension Check - Springs, Shock Absorbers, Bushes and Pins.
  • Steering System - Pump, Rack and Ball Joints, Fluid Levels.
  • Fuel System Check - Security, Leaks, Caps and Cut Off.
  • Brake System Check - Actuators, Cylinders, Drums, Discs & Pads, Brake Pipes and Fluid.
  • Tyres Checked for wear, cuts, bulges, tread depth etc.
  • Lighting, Wipers and Washers, Seat Belts and Interior Systems Check
Additional Parts replaced on Full Service (Dependent on Age and Mileage)
  • Engine Air Filter
  • Engine Fuel Filter (Petrol and Diesel Models)
  • Spark Plugs (Petrol Models Only)
Additional Parts replaced at Extra Cost
  • Pollen Filter
  • Engine Timing Belt
  • Engine Breather Filter
  • Brake Fluid
  • Engine Anti Freeze
  • Remote Key Battery
  • Auto Gearbox Oil and Filter
  • Axle Oils Changed.


Manufacturers parts will be used if vehicle is under warranty or requested by customer.
All other repairs and diagnostics carried out on request.

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