GSM Edinburgh

With over 30 years of  experience Tommy Wilson  has come to form Gyle Service and MOT Centre (Edinburgh) which will carry out all levels of vehicle servicing, repair, diagnostics and MOT Testing.



  • 20 years MOT Testing experience
  • Vauxhall trained technician
  • Mercedes trained technician
  • 10 years as Mobile Garage Operator
  • 8 years as workshop supervisor


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Add to this the brand new state of the art equipment sourced from well known suppliers to the trade - and you can't go wrong.


mot with vehicle




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The premises which occupy 6,500 square feet, are in a central location to the west side of Edinburgh at the South Gyle Business Park.  It is home to many companies such as RBS, Virgin Media and the RAC to name but a few, and in addition it is within easy walking distance of the Edinburgh Park Train Station.  

The space is put to good use with a Class V MOT test station and a further 3 Heavy Duty Ramps and Tyre Station.



In addition to this there is a large Reception area, Public toilets and Waiting Room.  Snacks and refreshments can be purchased from the on-site vending machines, or a ten minute walk will take you to all the facilities at The Gyle Shopping Centre.







Due to the broad range of experience, you can be sure that your vehicle will be looked after every bit as well here as it would at your local dealership - complete with a substantial reduction in your overall bill.